2021 Photos

January 21, 2021 Virtual Open House


We started 2021 with our first ever VIRTUAL Open House. COVID can’t stop us from sharing WHO we are, WHAT we do and WHY your business wants to be a part of us! We truly are stronger together!

February- Let’s Show Our Members Some Love

February 23, 2021 Happy Hour & 15 minutes

We networked, we shared a few laughs and we met some new faces as well as connected with some old friends. We can’t wait to meet in person but in the meantime we will be right here with you remotely. We truly stronger are stronger TOGETHER!

March 23, 2021 Strategies to Manage Stress with Dr. Harry Klebanoff

Dr. Harry Klebanoff shared some strategies to practice mindfulness giving us more tools for our toolbox.

April 15, 2021 Virtual Legislative Lunch with Claire Cronin

May 11, 2021 Virtual Mixology Night Featuring Chandra Gouldrup of The Farmer’s Daughter

June 15, 2021 Breakfast Under the Tent with Neil Levine, Dottie Fulginiti and Connor Read

Photos by Kristopher Ventresco – Starlight Photography